This is Stirred…

Probably my favourite Loot Crate as an Agents of Shield fan but I have to say, the Bond gear was pretty cool too. My favourite pieces were the Tshirt, Hydra ID, blink time watch and little notebooks. The box even converts into a computer screen and keyboard if you fold it inside out. πŸ™…

Loot Crate COVERT – March 2015


“You had ONE job to do, bartender. One job! Commiserate with everyone’s favorite spy extraordinaire with your own ‘This is Stirred’ T-shirt and shake things up a bit for you and your 007 pal.”

It was fun pairing the shirt with this old linen vest from Country Road. Talk about reviving an old favourite. Speaking of which, I really need to invest in some new jeans. All mine are hipster so I’m looking for a high waisted straight leg cut. What brand and cut are you loving right now? Until then, I’ll keep wearing my trusty Paige Denims.

What was your favourite item from the crate?


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