Repair Your Skin Barrier

Soothe your sensitive skin and maintain a healthy-looking, even-toned complexion. A complete Multi-Med Therapy solution, SOOTHE Regimen is developed specifically for sensitive skin with our patent-pending RF Cold Fission Technology to replace harsh emulsifiers used to create traditional creamy moisturizers, and RFp3 technology, a powerful combination of skin-soothing and potent peptides, to calm dry, chapped, cracked skin and reduce visible signs of redness.

It’s been estimated 70% of the population suffers from some form of sensitivity. Triggers can include climate change, pollution, sun exposure, or friction. Dry skin can also lead to irritation.


SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment is a lightweight, non-greasy hydrating cream containing exclusive RFp3 peptide technology to help calm sensitive skin and promote smooth, clear, healthy-looking skin. Active skin protectant ingredients dimethicone and allantoin, along with antioxidants and natural lipids, restore the skin’s moisture barrier to relieve dryness, reduce sensitivity and calm irritation. Plus, optical filters neutralise the look of redness in just 5 minutes. This works for oily, blemish-prone skin, minor cuts, burns and peeling.


However, did you know most people start with SOOTHE (or REVERSE) as their first Regimen?

The skin’s natural lipid barrier is designed to hold moisture, cool the skin through the release of moisture, and prevent irritants from penetrating the skin. When that barrier is compromised, due to genetic predisposition or environmental factors, your skin loses water faster and is more exposed to the harsh effects of external triggers — which can lead to sensitive skin that is dry, cracked, chapped or visibly red.

Think of a broken brick wall. It’s important to fortify that barrier before moving onto other skin concerns. Hear it from Rodan + Fields Vice President of Research and Development Dr. Tim Falla.

For more real results, check out the testimonials of some of our customers and consultants.


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