Exclusive Christmas Specials – Australia

Whoa, Nellie! How is it November already?? The years seem to fly by the older we get, amirite? As we head into Christmas, I’m excited to offer TWO holiday specials – exclusive to Australia.

Our REDEFINE and REVERSE Amp It Up Specials embody the best of R+F’s Multi-Step Science skincare philosophy. Beginning November 16, any customer who purchases one of these specials will receive a complimentary REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream, while supplies last! Life-Changing Skincare should extend to the delicate under-eye area as well, making this limited-time offer the perfect way to experience this core regimen add-on product.

It just so happens, I was planning to buy the REVERSE Amp It Up Special and Eye Cream next month so I’ll definitely be placing an order a few weeks early. I mean, who doesn’t love an eye cream that lasts 5 months?! :P

If you’re wondering which regimen is best for you, start by completing our online Solution Tool.


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