Water is LIFE

A couple of days ago, World Health Day prompted me to look up how much water I should actually be drinking per day but depending on where you look or who you ask, you’re likely to get varying answers.

Drinking plenty of water will boost skin metabolism, which in turn helps promote skin elasticity and the delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It can also help eliminate the byproducts of the body’s metabolism, excess electrolytes, and regulate the body’s temperature through sweating. Not to mention, lubricating and cushioning joints and aiding digestion while preventing constipation.

It’s estimated most people drink btwn 1-3L a day and while various guides tell us women should be drinking 2.1L (8 cups) while men need 2.6L (10 cups) per day, surely it would make more sense to take into account one’s age, height, weight, the amount of physical activity, and environmental conditions of an individual. One site even had an online calculator to see if you’re on target or not. According to the results, I am.


Then I stumbled across a video which suggested the Japanese secret to looking young and staying slim (without any intensive workouts) only required a few simple rules. It starts by drinking four glasses of water immediately upon waking and not eating anything for the next 45mins. Then you continue to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, as normal, but hold off on consuming anything for the next 2 hours after each meal.

After 30 days, the speaker observed a number of improvements:

  • after a couple of days, it almost felt like she was detoxifying as opposed to a zombie waiting for their morning coffee
  • increased metabolism – resulting in some weight loss
  • increased energy – motivated her to fit in some exercise
  • boosting their mood
  • less need to snack during the day
  • skin – fine lines and wrinkles diminished with an overall radiance and youthful appearance, less sunken eyes
  • hair – appeared shinier, healthier and improved hair growth
  • improved immune system – means less sickness overall
  • helped get rid of chronic UTIs
  • less prone to acid reflux

I’m inspired to try this over the next 30 days. Have you tried this before or game to try it too? Let me know below.


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