Retinal vs Retinol

Retinal is the closest thing to prescription-grade Retinoic Acid without having to step into a dermatologist’s office. Also known as Retinaldehyde, retinal is a real multi-tasker that not only combats the signs of ageing but targets hyperpigmentation and acne. It’s a real triple threat that leaves minimal irritation due to the shorter conversion process from retinol, making it ideal for ALL SKIN TYPES!


One of the main differences between retinol and retinal is that your skin will no longer be more sensitive to the sun. However, it’s still recommended at night since sunlight can deactivate the ingredient. It’s also 20x more potent than retinol so you’ll be seeing the effects twice as fast – that’s 4 weeks as opposed to 8 with retinol.

The most notable difference is the colour – Vitamin A is naturally yellow so the higher the concentration, the more yellow it will look. Each capsule contains the perfect dose of this super-charged serum but more importantly, protects the formula from light and oxygen that can decrease its potency.

Best of all, it can be used with all skin types and any regimen. Our proprietary calcium delivery system ensures the gradual release of retinal to your skin overnight to minimise irritation. However, due to the high amount of Retinal, some people might experience signs of mild dryness, skin tightness and visible redness, which is a normal function of the skin. If this occurs, reduce frequency to every other night.

The real magic comes when you combine our Active Hydration Serum with the Intensive Renewing Serum to become a real powerhouse. Be sure to use the new AMP MD roller to allow easier access (unless you have sensitive or irritated skin), followed by AHS to maximize absorption before layering on the IRS.

IRS – tone, texture and firmness
AHS – hydrates for softer, more radiant skin

Available in Australia from 14th June. Join the mailing list so you don’t miss out on our special launch offers.


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